What if the moon could stretch you into everything you have been thinking was impossible?

What if the moon could awaken creativity you never knew you possessed?

What if the moon was simply a reflection of your desires, your moods, your inner tides, and truly could guide you to finding your best self?

The Full Moon in June is traditionally a time of gathering—within the physical and mystic realm alike.

Within the physical, focus on early summer foods: asparagus, spinach and strawberries, of course. Also, sorrel and dandelion are designed for a faster metabolism; they keep us light and open to new dreams.

Lighter foods keep us mentally focused on forward movement. Body and spirit aligned, as it were.

In the mystic realm, gather your dreams and hopes, ambitions and desires. They are waiting for you to tap into summer’s explosive energy to come to fruition.

The full moon in June harnesses the planetary energy of Sagittarius—the visionary, expansive sign that calls us towards the revelations of the subconscious mind, and the potential of our highest self—where everything is possible as long as we keep to our personal truth.

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