The Full Hunter Perigee Moon, appearing closer to earth and therefore larger to the human eye, offers extra light, and as such, deepens our inner enlightenment. There is always a connection, my loves, with what happens in the physical realm and the spiritual, As Above, So Below, as I am fond of saying. The alchemy of our inner and outer worlds never ceases to amaze me.

This moon releases the fountainhead of Feminine power – from suppression to expression – and we are seeing it very emphatically in recent political events. Nothing is co-incidence, as Luna rises in Aries conjuct Eris (dwarf planet named after the Greek Goddess known for discord). The Sacred Feminine has long been nurturing us towards peace but now rises as the warrior, in opposition to injustices both physical and emotional.

The ocean, as we know, is the crucible from which all things are birthed, and the storm that has arisen within the Feminine heart is reflected in rising waters and winter storms raging over the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. On this island where I live, the Pacific is pounding the shore from a distant typhoon, and reminds me that when She is fully awoken to a just anger, Gaia will support Her, and all the tides will rise in Her honor.

We came from that ocean and are part of Her still. We are water primarily, and as much as the ocean and the moon are outside of us and we can stand at the shore and stare up at Luna, they are both equally inside of us. So when She stirs, we stir, when the tides rise, we rise up, when the moon shines, we shine. When we bleed, figuratively and practically speaking, She also bleeds…over her shores onto the land to cleanse and renew so new thoughts, new ways of being, new consciousness can be born.

Do not be surprised about how vehement She is becoming on the world stage of late. It is her time. There is no more time to allow for the desecration of her temple. She has a voice and she is not afraid to use it. The storms will rage for a while longer, the rain will pelt and the wind will cause discomfort, but when the skies clear, She will be stronger, and so will we. We learn from nature and nature is saying stand up and fight. Not with swords, or hatred. With a joining of hands and a song of sisterhood.

As the moon will rise full at its earliest on the 15th of October, everywhere in North America except EDT I will use that date for the purposes of Numerology. And, with no surprise it will rise under the number 7 – The Mysterious Feminine, the deep water of emotions, the irrational giving birth to evolution of further growth! The Universe is nothing if not spinning to the order of Sacred Geometry. This full Moon is guided by the spiritual phenomena of everything that is seven fold – musical notes, the major chakra’s, the colors of the rainbow, the number of Spirit. There is nowhere to go but forward. Onward to knowing that when we stand together, we are strong and when we stand up for ourselves, we are participating in the unfolding of the Age of Aquarius. So it has been spoken, so mote it be.

Full Moon Blessings to All!