Tomorrow the Full Moon, my loves, and a Penumbral Eclipse. We are quickly coming to the most magical time of the Autumn Equinox, and the end of Mercury’s Retrograde. What exciting days, and finally, a release from the uncomfortable grip of stress we have been under. It has been intense, to say the least, but I have exciting news about the numerical significance of tomorrow’s date as it coincides with the Fullness of Luna.

16.09.2016 adds up to the number 7 which is one of the most magical numbers created in a Universe of infinite order. You see, 7 represents chaos and the irrational. But in this word of dualities we must have opposites and order desires chaos just as light must have dark.

In sacred geometry, 7 is born outside of the Vesica, and cannot be equally divided into the 360 degrees of the circle. An anomaly..which serves a very important purpose. It is irrational, and as such has a sacred connection to the Feminine, which opposite of the Masculine, relies on emotion, dreams and intuition to create itself and all that exists in the Universe.

7 represents many things that we are familiar with in mystery…7 notes, 7 colors of the rainbow, 7 major chakras, 7 holes in the human head. 7 is also the number of Spirit, and completion. The number 7 is mentioned in many sacred texts, and is a portal for life to burst forth and ever important ‘change’.

We are ready for change, and the influence of the wild number 7. Imagine if order was an unbroken continuum? How would we move in new directions, find exciting new discoveries, realize our own creativity without the influence of chaos? It is in times of chaos that we break open to possibility and see what was for so long deemed impossible.

Open now to ideas for new work, relationships, political influence, spiritual cleansing, living arrangements and love. A flow will be realized that for the last few months has evaded our grasp. Let yourself be led into the irrational and unusual. Some of you will find love in unexpected ways. Some will find a fierce longing for an uprooting…take care to find completion if possible by the Winter Solstice.

Meditate on the numinous – the veil is thinning to the Spirit Realm with Samhain approaching at October’s end. Celebrate the Feminine. You may find yourself more alive sexually and emotionally in the next few weeks. Honor your desires, now is not the time for shutting down.

Can you feel the excitement building? I can. There is a fluttering in my heart and a delight in the approaching darker days of Autumn when we turn introspective and discover more about ourselves. Serve yourself a healthy dose of honesty – would you not like to participate in this coming shift, to be more alive, your ear trained to the ground, listening to the whispers of the Wild?

There will be a fertilizing of ‘normal’ with the seeds of ‘unexpected’.

Find grounding as best as you can, to keep yourself from ascending too far into the ether, as emotions build. There will be releasing, and with that we must keep focused on staying balanced. Meditate, find a tree you can connect with, imagine your roots deep and secure as your emotional essence waves with the wind and touches the sky.

Tomorrow, on the other side of the Moon, we will dance to new music and realize new purpose.

Much love, my tribe! Onwards!