Full Moon in Cancer and Lunar Eclipse, June 5, 2020, 8.12 pm UTC – 12.12 pm Pacific Standard Time

Lunar Eclipse – An obscuration of the light of the moon by the intervention of the earth between it and the sun, a penumbral, imperfect alignment

Numeric Frequency  – 6

Economy, Efficiency; the Hexagon -Strength, the Mystery of Sacred Geometry, Stability, Alchemy

Alliances – Strawberry, Honey, Mead, Rose

Energy – Harvest, Blessings, Celebration, Blossoming

View from Africa, Asia, Australia, the Middle East


This will be one of those moons and eclipses that we will remember for years to come for the unrest preceding it, and the consciousness shifts following it.

We are primed, ready, willing – to burn in the fire of change, to let go of centuries of madness and imagine a civilization based on equity and freedom.

Release is the primary focus of this full moon, potent by its eclipse, the energy creating breakthroughs in both our personal and collective lives.

The North Node of the moon, activated by the eclipse shows us where we are headed as the collective, and the South Node – what is to be left behind. That is the real focus of this moon, if we were to meditate on why this lunar activity should occupy our minds and hearts right now.

We are all outgrowing old paradigms, sifting through the detritus of previous actions and thought patterns – what is happening in the outer world is a reflection of our inner landscape, as above, so below, all things working in perfect union for our good.

Part of the destruction we are seeing as society clashes with white supremacy, is the symbolic taking down and burning of systems that have for too long ruled our consciousness. 

The Moon – square Mars (anger, war, struggle, shaking foundations) and opposite Venus Retrograde on May 5 spells relationship turmoil, but with clear communication, a commitment to witnessing your partner and letting go of past hurts, love will prevail. Full moon at once illuminates what’s not working, and eclipsed activates portals for ways forward.

If you have come to the end of the road with a relationship, or need to purge more ancient ones, link through to my last moon post, where I include a potent lover’s soul tether release ritual

It is interesting that all relationships are coming under scrutiny right now, especially the relationship between right living and suppression. Between now and the Dark Moon/Solar Eclipse on June 21/Summer Solstice – June 20th, we will witness the dismantling of walls of injustice in preparation of new thought patterns within the human psyche.

Here is the message I received via my guide Aiden, a Pleiadian yesterday:

“The vibration of ‘separation’ is leaving the planet and this dimension, and in doing so is becoming especially visible and painful. This is necessary so that all can experience the heart shift, if they so choose, as the polarity of love and fear is being experienced so vividly right now.

If you are wondering how one can see the obvious destructive nature of fear while another embraces it, it is because the two actually reside in different dimensions, and cannot see or hear each other. The separation is acutely visible now. Remember though, the vibration of separation is uncomfortable in the Age of Aquarius, as the Feminine Codes of the crystalline core of Mother Gaia are transferred to the DNA of the new human, consciousness evolves, society evolves and a new earth is birthed. It is written in the stars.

As always by your side, through this long awaited shift, beaming support to the human nation.”

Anything you are internally not in soul-alignment with right now will begin or continue to chafe until you either find creative change, or succumb to the resistance of it. The Universe will not force you into a new path, but will bring you resources ( sudden endings, road blocks and the like) which will give you opportunity to think a bit more, and perhaps get off that rusty nail that’s scraping at your sub-conscious. All in perfect timing. It’s truly up to us to decide which path is best, the Universe will not judge, only meet our frequency, as I often say.

Although the eclipse is officially in Sagittarius, when we look at the where it is actually located in the sky, we’ll find it within the constellation of Scorpio due to the precession of equinoxes, which means that the sun signs are not in alignment with the constellations for which they were originally named (long, mind bending story I will tell another time!). Therefore, it would behoove us to look to Scorpio for some advice.

Sexual tension is like a volcano. It either erupts in orgasm, a mystical meeting between human and the divine, or is self-destructive, imploding, spilling hot lava over unresolved issues. That is something to contemplate. Will we find our nirvana or will we create more reasons to prolong our soul evolution? Again, completely up to us, there is no God in the heavens punishing or rewarding us. What do you want to do? What do you want?

The Lunar Eclipse does not need to be viewed to be felt, and can be observed with ritual, prayer or meditation, fire, sacred sex, silence or dance.

Moon blessings to you Beloveds. Let us meet in heart space. Let us invite change, peace and love to the table of our dreams.

Monika xoxo