Author’s note: This is a beginner’s tutorial on tincture making. Not intended as medical advice. Do not harvest any plants unless extremely well-versed in plant identification—there are many poisonous varieties of Sambuca.


I love the idea of “simples” for well-being.

As a nutritionist, I often recommended remedies to my clients—various vitamins, salves and supplements that could form part of their healing journey.

There were several reasons why I began to look to tinctures as possible remedies.

1. They were often created from one ingredient, easily made or sourced, easily absorbed by the body and required the uncomplicated ritual of a recommended amount of drops in water, taken once daily. Anyone can do that.

2. They allowed the body to work with one botanical at a time. Quite often, less is more when it comes to creating a shift from illness to health. Our bodies and psyches understand the one to one communication between the sacredness of one plant and the organ or system that needs adjustment.

3. Tinctures are not expensive…generally. The healing powers of Nature must be available to all. It was a painful process for me to know that most clients could not afford the remedies they needed.

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