It’s not about what’s missing in our lives, it’s about what’s yet unexpressed.

That is how I feel about erotica/love as a topic for reading and writing.

This is a story for freedom. Freedom to burst into flame.

Once, I used to dream, about a lover like the one in the following story. In fact, my dreams were so real that I wondered if I was actually experiencing another lifetime while I slept. I’ve always been a believer in re-incarnation. After all, nature is all about birth, death and re-birth.

When I met my current life partner, I remembered. He walked into my life and brought a passion that was instant and consuming that 21 years later, we are still engulfed in flames. We had been together before. He knew my body and I knew his. Although we are still discovering each other, there is a thread of our past that is still present between us.

It is why I am connected with a certain period of British history. It is why leaving each other has proven impossible even when we are at great odds. There was simply no death to our love, or the way we make each other feel. Often tempestuous, our love affair keeps me writing erotica as an expression of what can be when two people are in tune with each other.

I need a man who can engage my mind, as much as my body. I need to admire his humor. I need intensity.

This story draws from my experiences and my lingering memories of the past. In some ways it is fiction. In others, if we agree that we are all one and that within our DNA is stored every occurrence through time, then this  is a true story. Enjoy.

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