Choose a woman who will serve you truth.

For you are a man who desires to live on the edges of possibility, and know that the serum of truth is the marrow of her bones, the iron of her blood, the strength of her word.

With truth, she will heal centuries of conflict and war. Such truth is wrapped in compassion and love, and she will serve it on a platter of her own soul growth. She will not ask you to step into your darkness without having traversed her own.

She is a mystery that snakes its way through your memories; you remember her, don’t you?

She has been the shadow behind the clouds, the wisp of something fleeting behind the trees, a whisper of danger, of wisdom, of chaos and intuition; she is all those things. And yet you have not been able to see her as she desires to be seen, because the sun and the moon have always lived in different skies.

And still she calls you, “Hear me! Honor me! Seek my truth!”

The woman who serves you truth is a phoenix. She rises time and time again, each time more glorious than before; she has perfected the art of transformation and she wishes to fly with you, her wings a caress upon your naked heart.

For your nakedness, your vulnerability, your willingness to stand surrendered before her is the fire she needs. Not a fire that destroys, but the fire you have learned to use for building the new man, the new Earth. She seeks the poet, the dreamer, the seeker, the lover, the magician, the sacred masculine.

She seeks the primal hunter who understands that within her is the bounty of the land, and the gifts of creation itself.

Choose a woman whose arms awaken your desire, who will feed you the honey of her soul. Choose a woman who will teach you that passion is awoken with words, through third eye kisses, through relishing her mind, through nights of exploring her divine territories.

Let her surprise you with her needs, and allow yourself the luxury of her fullest expression, her voice calling your name when you unearth her treasures. She’s a wild one, a tonic for your thirst.

She’ll knight you with the force of her purpose.

She is the sorceress, the creatress, the tidal wave that releases you onto the shore of your highest calling.

Will you walk tomorrow’s shores with her? Will you dream new paradigms into existence together, will you seek her tenderness and her fierceness, her cries of anguish and her songs of joy?

Will you allow her to give to you, trust her cunning, eat at her table of too often broken dreams? For you have the spells that light the stars; you are the twin flame that writes new stories upon the fabric of humanity.

You remember her, and that is why you seek her. She is purity of heart, Kali’s intensity, and she walks between worlds. She speaks to angels and demons alike, and they feed from the depths of her ancient beingness.

She was before the first word was spoken, before first light, before the first flower turned its face to the sun. She was the first rain, and the first drought. She is nature herself.

She can hold you in your vastness. She can see your unshed tears.

Choose a woman who will take your armor and lay it gently by her bed, who will kiss your sorrows as they roll down your cheeks, who will fashion you a new crown made of a valor that does not rust.

Choose a woman who lives for promise, whose daughter is Hope and whose son is named Peace.

Choose a woman who is stronger than the will of power. Who sees underneath your fears, and has the balm for your wounds.

Choose a woman who will ask you to rise with her at dawn, to make her fire and brew her herbs; a woman who speaks with a shaman’s mysterious code, calling up spirits to inspire your journey each day.

Choose a woman who loves fiercely but has your freedom etched upon her sword.

Choose the river. She can carve stone.

Choose the ocean. She is the salt on your tongue when you sip her dreams.

You who choose to know yourself well, will know her when you find her.

Choose a woman who will serve you truth.


A while ago, I wrote a poem called Choose A Man Who Will Serve Your Soul. 

It is a piece honoring the divine masculine in its widest embodiment.

Those words have circled the world a few times over, found a home in the hearts of “lovers and other strangers,” as Leonard Cohen would say; all of which has been my honor to witness.

I have quite often been asked to write a corresponding piece focusing on the divine feminine, and finally, the time is right.

I’m a great believer in the balance that flows between the feminine and masculine archetypes, the yin and yang present within each of us. And so, in honor of she, shakti, the intuition flows from the heart of the wild woman.

I hope these words have spoken to you. There is such magic in conscious relationships.

Published @ elephant journal