There is always a rush of energy that comes with a New Moon! As the moon waxes gracefully from Dark to New, all and everything that is influenced by Luna begins to unfurl into possibility.

This first New Moon of 2016 is magical indeed. All my guides have been restlessly urging me to speak about a portal that is at once closing and opening for us on the earthly plane. 2016 will see a shift for humanity that has been brewing for thousands of years and we are finally facing what will be a tumultuous but enlightening new journey.

We are a new people. Since the Mayan prophesy of the end of a 26,000 year cycle has come to pass, we have been more awake on a soul level than ever before. We are more engaged with the Feminine, with Love, with Peace and this is highly evident in the way old thought patterns are trying so desperately to re-assert themselves.

From the wars we are still fighting, to the rush of refugees (whom we must help, please), to the lunatic fringe rising up in politics, to the push of pharmaceutical and chemical companies to overtake our food supply and well-being, there is an increase in fear from these fractioned entities.

But we are not going to stand for it are we? Because we are the Awoken!

Our voices are stronger. Our hearts are in tune with Love. The serpent has uncoiled at the base of our spine and Kundalini energy is spiraling us upwards towards our Third Eye from where we can taste and feel and experience the liberating force of the Divine Feminine.

Om Shakti Om!

The New Moon in Capricorn reminds us of our Earthly responsibilities. Mother Earth still needs us. We must still tend to the practicalities of the environment, to the voices of the weak, to the politics of renewal.

The New Moon means new dreams, it means action; it means stepping into our dreams!

The time is now, while Luna turns toward the Light, so must we, and raise our voices in a sacred chant.

2016 dawns with a million voices casting magical hope for a new day. We are becoming a much stronger force for change, us humans, realizing that our old thought patterns will no longer serve us and although we stand in the line of fire, we do not back down.

A certain momentum is gathering with this New Moon and I wonder if you can feel it? There are times in history when we either make an evolutionary leap or we do not, depending on the energy raised and held by Light-workers everywhere. This is such a time.

As today’s New Moon casts its light upon you, take stock of your place in Shakti’s dance towards freedom from old paradigms.

I see a new world on the horizon. Let Luna under the influence of persevering, loyal, practical and intentional Capricorn, guide you into a year of big dreams and accomplishments.
Like a goat on a mountaintop, let us survey our position, let us feel the wild beating of our hearts, let us stand in the strong wind of our hopes, and eyes wide open, let us step boldly into everything that the Age of Aquarius has in store for us.

There is no turning back now. Just take that first step even as rocks scramble under your feet and threaten to overturn your footing…leap into your future with Luna as your mistress and your guide.

Peace my friends. Love beats Fear, every time.