We are here, at the portal to the coming darkness, at the foot of the Autumnal Equinox.

The Sun enters Libra and how fitting, as Equinox is a time of equal light and dark – Balance. And so we too enter a time of balance, mirroring the cycles of nature within our inner selves. We step on the scales and find new footing after months of learning and processing the world and its events – which of course is nothing but a reflection of our inner turmoil and search for wisdom.

Sometimes we wonder what purpose this time of darker days serves, and often we are afraid of facing our own inner darkness. But as with all things in nature, there is a deep wisdom that we can uncover if we look with curiosity and a desire for transformation.

Because that is exactly what we will be doing…transforming. In order to ascend we must first descend, and so as nature teaches through her seasons, death comes before birth, and we too must prepare for the enlightenment that happens when the Sun is born again at Winter Solstice. Enlightenment – what would it be without our foray into the Underworld? Welcome the changes coming when the scales tip back towards longer nights and shorter days. The wheel of the year keeps turning, and we with it, as it should be and will be and has always been. There is a comfort in that.

The actual date of the Equinox is 22.09.2016. Enter the wisdom and alchemy of 4.

Four is a very balanced number. It represents the square, which is nothing if it isn’t stable. Strength and Equality are other essences of the number 4, which also speaks of Libra’s gifts.

Four also signifies the four elements, Earth, Fire, Air and Water. It is spirit materialized, as the Universe uses matter, substance and mass to create itself into physical form. But 4 is also highly spiritual, as it fits into the Vesica when two circles are joined, and from there, is birthed the art of Mandala’s, quadratic in form, and representing the inner self. We can find ourselves within the nature of the number 4, balanced, physical yet spiritual beings, and as Carl Jung postulated, arise as thinking, intuitive, sensing and feeling selves.

This Autumnal Equinox, let us find that place withing ourselves that craves balance but does not sacrifice the impetuous. Let us be introspective yet adventurous. Let us face what is dark in our nature and let it lie beneath the fallen leaves, until it rises once more, confident and fruitful with light.

Let us not worry, but instead, be hopeful.

This is a most magical and special time of year, and if your heart is craving returning to the cave and spending time in contemplation, please honor that request of spirit. Not all times are for rushing around. Some times are for letting out a deep sigh and letting go.

Mabon Blessings my loves! Please pass this message on, for anyone who might need it.

“All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner if things shall be well.” ~ Julian of Norwich