Sometimes it can feel like Luna’s phases tumble along at break-neck speed, we hardly have a chance to catch our breath after New/Maiden moon and all of a sudden it’s Full/Mother moon!

Comments I hear time and time again from friends and clients are… is it full moon again? Or, when is full moon, I’m feeling a bit crazy! Or… I’ve had enough of moons already, I feel too vulnerable.

And those are all very valid points. The moon follows her cycles faithfully, in a continual spiral of ebbing and flowing, pulling our internal tides with her, either illuminating our soul-scape, or, offering us a deeper dive toward the shadows.

The thing with Luna is – she is completely surrendered to the process. There is no resistance to what is. She welcomes every phase with grace and an utter absence of judgement towards herself.

We’re at where we’re at, there is no shame in that. Whether we are shining or re-building ourselves, we are in exactly the perfect place to learn the next life lesson.

Life is not getting to some magical spot then staying there. That’s the fairy tale. The truth is (and it’s far more magical and beautiful than the fairy tale) that we are continually coming together and falling apart in an endless cycle of soul evolution.

The fairy tale is stagnation. Our ebb and flow is creativity.

Full Moon in Aquarius brings the themes of independence, intuition, emotional freedom and flexibility in relationships, including the relationship with Self.

Explore this:

1. Where in my relationship with myself am I inflexible, or too flexible, either judging myself harshly or not being present enough to my journey? How does this reflect in my outer relationships and where do I need to create boundaries or loosen them?

2. Am I taking responsibility for my own independence, emotionally, physically and spiritually, or am I allowing others to steer the course of my life with their opinions, ideas, judgement? Am I stifled by a financial agreement and therefore not free to pursue my own path? In what areas can I liberate myself and take more responsibility for my soul’s blueprint?

3. Where can I exercise my intuition more? What are my perceived blocks? Intuition is heart led – how can I honor my heart more as opposed to being led by my thoughts?

We are in the midst of Lions Gate Portal, a definitive time of the year where our Sun and our Cosmic Sun, Sirius, are beaming the planet and humanity with DNA upgrades, cell clearing/healing and information from the Star Nations. As Luna illuminates what is true or no longer true for us, we have the opportunity to embrace owning who we are and who we wish to evolve into.

Allow the expansiveness of Full Moon in Aquarius to make clear what your next steps are.

Activate this wisdom by creating an intention for the rest of 2020.

Embody the intention by following intuition and clear action steps that are in alignment with your vision.

Moon love to you Beloveds!

Heart Hugs,