Halfway between Summer Solstice and Autumn Equinox,

lies today’s Dark Moon and the Pagan festival of Lammas.

Rare Dark Moon plus Mercury Stations Direct!

We are never victims of cosmic foibles, remember that Wild One.

We are always in our power when we are in AWARENESS of Lunar and Planetary transits, and through that awareness, we enter into new phases ourselves.

A message from my guide, the Star Being Aiden, A Pleiadian.

“I would like to speak to you about something which may seem quite out of the ordinary, although when you hear it, you will remember this information as not new to you at all.

The Dark Moon along with being a time for Sacred Pause, represents the Black Hole of the Milky Way, also the Dark Night of the Soul, a concept from the 4th Dimension which humans are working with right now at an accelerated level, and is a portal to understanding how your Dark Night and the Black Hole are actual vortex which birth new ideas, new galaxies, new inventions, new insights, etc.

This darkness, reflected to you each month by the Moon is a place of creation. Within this darkness you gestate seeds of life, and subsequently, on New Moon, these seeds manifest into sprouted dreams.

Each month, at Dark Moon, you are given a glimpse of what occurred when the Earth first became a place where human life could exist – the darkness, the first light or first dawn, the first seed sprouted (intention manifested into creation), life on Earth began.

Each Dark Moon, you are also given a glimpse of the progression from Dark Night of the Soul, to Awakening into Purpose, to Manifesting Desire. That is the pattern of Life, and of all the Universe – Dark, Light, Birth, Dark, Light, Birth, Dark, Light, Birth.

Do you understand that while you witness this cycle repeated each month, you are entering a cycle yourself, and can observe yourself from a very philosophical place, where you see that your struggle, your awakening and your manifesting of visions is a very natural thing, as the planets and the Universe, so you, and vise versa.

There is nothing ‘bad’ about the dark, or negative, or permanent. It is a place of birth, it is the Womb. You cannot ever be in the womb forever, and that means that your dark night is always only a phase which can inspire you into seeing yourself in a new way.” (end of quote)

Let us see the Dark Moon with new eyes tonight, and see ourselves as the Creators that we are.

Namaste, Wild Ones. On Dark Moon, we contemplate, we banish and we release.

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