I carry the Sun
In a golden cup
And the Moon
In a silver bag

~ W.B. Yeats.

By some definitions, the full moon on July 31st is blue; it is called this because it is the second full moon in one month.

By an older definition, if there are four full moons in an astronomical season versus the normal three, the third full moon of the four is then the Blue Moon. A rarer occurrence than the above.

A moon that actually appears blue is caused by a rare type of dust in the atmosphere.

This Full Blue Moon is wickedly influenced by the sign of Aquarius.

Aquarius, that enigmatic, creative, mystical sign is nothing short of a trouble maker!

Every one of us can learn from the non-conformist. I’ll tell you why.

While I adore the influence of Scorpio as my sun sign on my personality, I also find that it limits my perspectives as a human being. I can get stuck in the rut of my own character traits. I look to other signs for ideas on how to be more expansive, more rounded, more adventurous.

One of my daughters is an Aquarian. She arrived on the planet a little tremulously but once she found her wings and accepted her Aquarian eccentricities, she blossomed into a magical force to be reckoned with. Her sweet face and kind heart very well hide the bevy of devilish activity within her soul.

Aquarian traits to learn from:

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