During Dark Moon, our emotions are gestating, brewing, composting; preparing ground for new moon expansiveness as soon as Luna reveals her first crescent to the world. If your bleed is during the waning and dark moon, you may experience more of your shadows—those un-witnessed places coming up for integration.

Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn are in a stellium with Aquarius, peaking at Dark Moon on the 11th. This will amplify reflection and detachment, remoteness and objectivity, and is accurately aligned with Crone Moon energy. As above, so below, my loves. As in your heart, so with the heart of the cosmos and vise versa.

Wild One, you are one with nature, let this time be your rest and nourishment.

… my latest at elephant journal for Dark Moon!

Read here,and get the meditation practice.

image: darksoulsatnight