Sex magic isn’t anything new. In fact, it has been practiced across varying cultures for centuries.

From tantra to witchcraft, sex magic is simply engaging with the energy raised during orgasm for the purpose of magnifying and manifesting a desired outcome.

It’s pleasurable co-creation, a way to of directing intention. The reason why it is so powerful, is exactly the reason why sex and pleasure has been sent to the back of the line of acceptable activities – orgasm is a direct portal to meeting with the Divine. It’s the kind of danger that makes people listen deeply to themselves and question the status quo.

July’s new moon is influenced by Retrograde Saturn, a rather stern, masculine energy, which may feel restrictive in some ways. However, it is balanced by the sign of Cancer, supportive feminine flow, instinct and intuition.

We are forging new ground with this moon, the Capricorn-Cancer eclipse season behind us. Tradition (old systems) received a much-deserved cleanse during spring and early summer.

Eclipses are like a slow-moving river in some ways, what is unearthed during them, may take some time to reveal and resolve itself.

Think back over the last two years. What shifts that possibly seemed random at the time, created your current situation? What energy, person, circumstance began to clear the way for this very moment?

… Darlings! Something juicy for the new moon. Pleasure is an incredibly powerful manifesting tool, (pardon the pun).

Read the ritual here!

I’d love to know what you create through your ritual, write me back in a bit and let me know?

New Moon Love,

Monika. xo

Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash