*The partial lunar eclipse, the last lunar eclipse of 2019, will be visible from Australia, Africa, South America, most of Europe, and Asia, and the very eastern and southern parts of North America on July 16 -17, 2019.

We are on a constant journey of falling apart and coming together.

Maybe you’ve noticed?

At some point in our lives, we were indoctrinated into the idea that we would have it all together—life, love, work. At least, that was the goal, and when we did, we were further ingrained into the belief that we would “stay” together.

But, that is not the way of nature, and we are nature, in every aspect of our being.

Therefore, it is no surprise, that this full moon in Capricorn and partial lunar eclipse have so many of us falling apart, even while we come into our fullness with Luna, the moon.

It seems like a contradiction, but in its essence, it is the storm which prepares us for the calm, and there is steady growth ahead.

This Capricornian energy is so potent and demands our attention. So, that glass-half-empty feeling, churned up by Capricorn’s ruling planet Saturn, is the perfect portal for personal growth.

Within this seemingly eclipsed light, we face our fears, doubts, anger, vulnerability, wounding, and deep melancholy. To all of this, we must surrender.

Let it fall apart, Wild One. Let yourself feel. Let this strong magnetic pull be transformational.

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Feature image: Daniel Olah/Unsplash




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