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According to the witch’s calendar, May’s dark moon in Gemini falls on May 22nd, at 6:38 a.m. UTC.

Venus in retrograde, May 13th to June 25th, opens an interesting portal around relationships and finances.

Venus in retrograde traditionally is a time when some love relationships cool—if not end altogether. Issues of intimacy and the heart will require attention, spurring either emotional growth to preserve the love or collapse under the pressure. Previous relationships may suddenly come to the forefront in our memory, seeking closure or healing.

The dark moon is perfect energy for banishments, and none could be more potent than that of releasing ties to previous lovers, including those we wish would have stayed, and/or those whose energy is detrimental to our physical and spiritual reality.

There are times when our heart and energetic body just won’t heal. The aura extends as far as four feet outside the body and directly affects our health and how we navigate this world. We may not be quite sure why things are not coming together for us, and the answer could be that we’re still dragging around the energy of a relationship or even a casual lover in our auric field without being in awareness of their influence. Or maybe we are in awareness, but can’t or won’t relinquish.

Additionally, though, we can verbally speak our intention to let someone go—but our soul may not be in agreement, even if that makes absolutely no logical sense. The mind and ego can form codependent connections in places we intellectually know to be detrimental.

I’ve written before about cutting cords with an ex.

This time I am sharing a “release ritual,” as opposed to a severing of cords. It was my own incredibly difficult life medicine that awakened the need for a gentler yet more profound closure.

Whether you are consciously uncoupling, or throwing daggers, what’s most crucial is that our luminous body reflects the ending of the relationship and that we’re neither leaking our own energy into the vast universe, nor being influenced by a previous Other. It is possible for them to continue living through us, or us through them, which is unfair in either direction.

Here’s what I’ve learned about soul tethers: They are formed through words spoken, through vows made silently as hearts knit together. They may be ancient, through previous lifetimes together, or they may be those of twin flames. They may be formed through the pain body, when the mind cannot let go of trauma or loss.

At some point, they can undermine our core beliefs and soul purpose, if we allow them to keep us hostage.

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