The line between something ending or beginning can be either dramatic or quite hazy.

Dark moon, new moon are like that. At times we feel an energetic shift at other times we drift softly through the phases. Sometimes Crone Moon is the greater energy, sometimes Maiden Moon.

March 12 and 13, Dark Moon in Pisces, belong to the Crone, while March 14 marks the ascent of the Maiden, in Aries.

The Dark Moon lies at the edge of the old astrological year, it holds depth and flow, dreams and the shadows of the Underworld, it’s watery Piscean influence clearing the remnants of the 2020/21 cycle.

The New Moon awakens with the energy of Aries, fire and action, courage and determination. It precedes and activates a new astrological year. We surge forward with it.

Moon Practice

At Dark Moon in Pisces: (when the moon is not visible in the sky) March 12 & 13;

Activate flow with a rainbow shower – imagine your chakras being activated by the colors of the rainbow, you’re no longer in the shower, but under a warm, sunny, cascading waterfall, colors shimmering through the droplets. Your chakras respond to the healing light of the rainbow. They begin to spin happily releasing what’s no longer medicine, embodying the wisdom of the past month. Rest in the knowledge that you’ve created space for new moon intentions. Be gentle with yourself for the next 24 hours, allowing surrender and peace to heal you on a cellular level.

At New Moon in Aries (when the first crescent appears in the sky) March 14;

Begin the new lunar cycle with words or actions of gratitude. This creates the pathway for abundance and integrity.

Plant dream seeds within your subconscious, knowing that you have prepared the perfect soul soil in the days before. Maiden moon is hopeful, fresh, eager, sovereign, wild. Allow visions to bubble up, your blood to be imbued with the fire of Aries. Cast spells, incantations and intentions with purpose. Open your heart to a tenderness that may feel a little bit dangerous, trusting that it is only through this openness to whatever may come, that the seed of your potential can grow roots.

30 Days of Meditation – allow the word for your sign to create a fresh perspective for the coming month

Aries – Temperance

Taurus – Flow

Gemini – Acceptance

Cancer – Boundaries

Leo – Self-Sufficiency

Virgo – Passion

Libra – Self-Expression

Scorpio – Surrender

Sagittarius – Flexibility

Capricorn – Adventure

Aquarius – Stability

Pisces – Integrity

Blessed Be, Witches!


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