Hello Beloved,

I bet you, like me, have had a few dances with grief in your lifetime?

I’ve been thinking about this for the past few weeks.

What about those times when you think it’s not grief, but melancholy, or some other nagging thing that is keeping you from stepping bravely into the world?

In my latest at elephant journal, I explore how grief shows up in our lives, what it means and how we can greet it as an ally.

While delving into this for myself, I came up with a practice or ritual to intentionally meet grief. Now that may sound like voluntary torture, but I promise you that it is quite empowering!

You can partake in this ritual for 12 moons, as a sort of vision quest, or you may want to try it on once and see where it takes you?

I even outline some questions you can ask grief, quite directly.

Want to peek? Here’s the link.

Dark Moon in Scorpio is the perfect time to dive a little deeper into the shadows. Join me.

With heart hugs and soul kisses,