Healthy body, spirit and mind are just a few simple habits way.

I know this, because over the years I have gathered up the following, in a quest for balance throughout the day. On their own, they have incredible impact. Together, these habits create a fertile bed for a life well-lived.

As a general rule, I wake up quite optimistic. Do my habits have anything to do with my exuberant view of mornings? Do they help me tackle the day with vigor and enthusiasm?

I daresay yes! They are like old friends to me now, my foundation for a productive and mindful day.

Some of these habits have been with me since childhood, others, I picked up over the years as I learned more about what my body needed.

Of course there are days when I skip one or two because I’ve slept in or, you know, life happens. But overall, these have become a ritual that feeds my need for grounded-ness.

In truth, they have changed my life for the better.

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