The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper. ~ W. B. Yeats

“But what do you do?” I am asked, quite often, once the subject of my being a solitary witch comes up.

“What kind of habits do you keep…how do you invite magic into your day?”

I am quite solitary by nature but do love to share about magic. Magic is meant to be shared.

If someone is thrown by the word witch, I tell them that it really means ‘wise woman’ or, quite simply, someone trained in the arts of communicating with nature and whatever you call the invisible power that spins the planets and governs the tides.

For me, that is Universe, Goddess, God, Creator, interchangeably according to my needs or mood.

My days flow like anyone’s, with the added exception of the following disciplines. Mine are suited to my own personality and the magic I need to perform any given day. I’d say that all of us, solitary as well as witches belonging to a coven, would find these practices useful.

Anyone could incorporate these things into their lives and experience what magic really is: a co-operation with universal energy to attract or shape events in our lives.

When I engage in a magical ritual, I am not commanding the Universe to do my will, neither am I acting out of ego as some kind of force that by-passes natural laws. No, I am working with nature, with Goddess, working spells that combine my prayer with my intention to create an outcome satisfactory to me.

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