“May your stride be longer returning from the mailbox than on the way to it.” ~ Paul Raymond Martin

If you’re like me, as a writer, you dream of a bookshelf that holds a book you’ve authored.

The mist-shrouded, winding road from when the book emerges via your soul—through your heart and mind, to your fingertips, to the typewriter, to the publisher and that satisfying image on the bookshelf—is indeed a mysterious journey.

I have digested quite a few books on “how to get published,” and all of them have left me distraught, as they seem complicate the matter to an endless degree. Surely, there must be advice that doesn’t just bleat on about the difficulties of receiving an envelope declaring a victorious submission.

Ah, but there is! Once, while browsing a small town bookstore (the best activity there is, right?), I happened upon a tiny little blue book, no bigger than my hand, entitled “Getting Published,” by Paul Raymond Martin, which boasts more than 300 secrets and strategies for success.

What’s uber cool about this book is that it’s quite motivational—even though advice normally makes me quake. I think it’s because the difficult words are sandwiched between uplifting quotes. It’s stuffed with gems from successful authors and editors, people who’ve found their way through the quagmire of writing and publishing and have wise words to spare. Finally, hope!

I devoured it. All in one sitting. And then, with time, I began to digest all the seemingly simple words that reflected a deep profundity.

Choosing only 56 quotes from this ingenious work was difficult. These found me broken and hopeless and offered light at the end of the tunnel. I hope they do the same for you.

The Quotes: here…http://www.elephantjournal.com/2015/05/56-quotes-and-strategies-for-getting-published/