Full Moon magic is powerful.

The weeks preceding May 4th’s Full Seed Moon (as it is traditionally called) have been turbulent for many of us.

It seems that no-one has been getting any sleep. I have been confronted deeply with my shadow side in the last week, feeling more sensitive, more reactive and more introspective of my path.

As a worker of the Wise Woman Tradition, I am keenly aware of the turns of the moon, my body is sync, my spirit in constant ebb and flow as the moon tugs on my watery nature.

I am a Scorpio. The moon is full in Scorpio this month and as such, brings the powerful theme of sex, death and re-birth to the forefront.

The world at large reflects these themes in a passionate and violent way. Riots, border issues, war, earthquakes and Internet storms about nudity and gender identity are all symptoms of a lunar energy that pulls us towards enlightenment and the opportunity to show our best or worst colors.

We are One. Part of the web of planets and stars of which we are made, rising and setting each day on our own spiritual growth, our own desire to leave this planet a better place, and flowing with the tide of our dark side.

The full moon illuminates our darkness and gives rise to ways we can come to terms with all of ourselves. This is a world of dualities.

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