Do you ever wish for a festive holiday drink that doesn’t involve alcohol?

I do. I don’t drink much—just the odd Bailey’s over ice in winter, and hard apple cider on a hot summer day.

Wine makes me sleepy and hot (yes, both kinds of hot) but I never drink in public since I can’t seem to behave myself when I do. Oh, I don’t mean saying silly things, I mean, dancing on table tops kind of mis-behavin’.

But for some reason, when visiting around over the holidays I feel pressured to drink alcohol. It seems to be a challenge for the host to get everyone drinking…especially the non-drinkers.

Does anyone else notice this rampant peer pressure?

I can have an uber amount of fun and be totally myself without the alcohol and frankly, am tired of the stand by drinks—Perrier with lime or an un-imaginatively spiced Virgin Caesar.

I’ve decided that this year, I am going to offer festive drinks to my guests and perhaps persuade others to do the same. After all, it’s the ritual of getting together and enjoying something special that is so much fun.

Herb and Sage, a restaurant close to my home has kindly shared three drinks from their menu with me. They are all delicious, easy and pretty to look at. I love their use of herbs for a savory kick!

Do take the time to serve beverages to your non-drinkers in a special glass. The most important ingredient in anything you serve should be love.

Strawberry Soul Mate

2 ounces of strawberries blended with a lil’ sugar* and a leaf or two of basil
2 ounces of freshly squeezed lemon juice
Pour over ice in a festive glass, top off with soda

*I just like a sprinkle of sugar but two sprinkles is fine, depending on how tart you like things.

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