Before I knew what an Empath was, I used to say that I was sensitive and not truly meant for this world.

I hoped that one day I would become tougher, not cry at every commercial and movie, not feel things so deeply that it would cripple me emotionally.

I remember a day when I picked up my eldest daughter from day-care and the care giver was lecturing a young boy who was weeping while he was being scolded.

My daughter was misty eyed and hanging on to my hand for dear life. I was openly feeling that boy’s pain and let my tears fall.

The care giver explained very patiently to me that there was no use being so sensitive to the situation. She looked at me with a curious expression. There was just no way for her to understand that my empathy for that boy came not from me alone but from falling into his energy field.

Twenty odd years later I am no less sensitive or intuitive. Now I know that I am these things and many more as an empath:

Feel others pain poignantly*
Abhor injustice*
Am visionary
Am creative
Get overwhelmed with too much stimulation*

More here…please share if you know someone with a concussion