When’s the new moon? There’s an eclipse? What sun sign are we in? Is it Mercury retrograde again?

These are the questions I receive daily from my tribe. It’s so much easier to follow the natural cycles of the cosmos when we don’t have to search for each bit of information separately.

So, here’s July’s astrology at a glance:

Because of the relationship layers between the moon, sun, and planets, every shift you make this month will be quicker, more potent, and decidedly influential on the months ahead.

Let’s talk about Mercury retrograde first because it’s the one event we get in a kerfuffle about most.

Here’s my take: when in proximity of any planetary retrograde, we tend to focus on what can go wrong, and plenty can in areas of communication, technology, and relationships when it comes to Mercury. However, calmer heads prevailing, all this becomes an opportunity for mindful awareness.

For some, retrogrades can be quite unsettling. If you know yourself to be such, avoid anything big like buying a house, signing contracts, permanent relationship decisions, computer shenanigans—you get the idea. If retrogrades have never been your nemesis, continue on as planned, but with eyes wide open.

Mercury in retrograde asks us to pay closer attention to details, to hear our partners, to listen to our intuition, to be present. Now, I find it somewhat comforting: here you are, old, cosmic friend, helping me to focus on what’s important, and to slooow down. I think we all need this kind of reminder every so often.

Dark Moon in Cancer

While the rest of the world celebrates the new moon, witches observe the dark moon. I went more in depth around this in last month’s dark moon Lilith ritual.

This month, we observe two dark moons in Cancer. There is so much sacred energy pillowed between them. They are like the guardians of our journey, offering safe boundaries for deep inner work.

The distinction is the dark moon when there is no visible moon in the sky (popularly called new) and the new moon (a day or two after depending on your location) is when the first crescent of light appears. If you were to cast magic, the dark moon is for banishment, the new moon for casting of dream seeds/manifestation.

Beyond that, the dark moon offers us a pause. It’s a night for absolute rest, silence, and introspection. “Don’t rush the light,” as I like to say.

July’s dark moon coincides with the total solar eclipse and opening of this year’s eclipse season.

All eclipses are portals for change. They herald shifts in perspective, initiations, and outcomes. They are purging times. We can clear trauma, generational bonds, outgrown spirit guides, and old thought patterns, creating consciousness paradigm shifts. Therefore, the dark moon, a time for banishment, is perfect for such work. It is not the night for calling in the new. Save it for the night following, when these powerful energies have carried us forward without effort. Use the natural forces of the cosmos to operate from a sense of ease.

When the sun and moon engage in this dance of light and shadows, we can expect to activate more heart chakra, to feel into our emotions and honor them, to ruminate on our soul’s path, and to open to reconciliation with others—perhaps even with ourselves, and our inner child. Self-expression is key at this time. If you don’t have a journal practice, this would be a perfect time to begin recording insights or visions.

Because this dark moon will be greatly magnified through the power of the eclipse, all the letting go of what no longer serves may have a compounded effect on your life. Any grounding practice you follow is absolutely essential this month. Some people need grounding daily and even hourly. Pay attention to your body and emotional signals.

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