“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”  ~ Clare Booth Luce

If you think that life has become overly hectic and complicated, you’re not alone.

Our homes, minds and lifestyles are overflowing with things and stresses.

Was life truly simpler back in the day? I think that every generation believes that things used to be less complicated for generations before them.

Still, we have managed to acquire many time and effort saving gadgets without actually realizing the time they were supposed to save.

I am a purger. I grew up in a family of borderline hoarders. I have an innate drive to clear—not only my home but also my thoughts. Organizing is a pleasurable experience for me. But I realize that it’s not like that for everyone. But one step at a time though, it is possible to own less and live more.

There are some things we can do that, although simple, will contribute to our feeling of freedom. How awesome would it be to have more time for exploring the magic of life?

1. Get rid of that extra bank account. Keep the basics, one for savings, one for everyday life. Less paperwork, less aggravation trying to keep it all balanced.

2. Consolidate your debt if possible, and cut up all but one credit card. Keep two at most. If you need more than two, you can’t afford your life. Be honest with yourself.

3. Purge those points cards! Keep the ones that actually do earn you significant savings. The other ones are just a temptation to make more purchases. Oh, you’ll need a smaller wallet!

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