Today’s 12.12 portal is one which joins humanity with Unity Consciousness.

Within this portal, we are One, polarities do not exist. Anything is possible now, and if you are feeling especially energized/motivated/powerful, you are resonating with Unity Consciousness.

What is it? It is that magical realm devoid of labels, distinctions, distractions of bad/good. Within it is only infinite possibility. Within it is the energy of whole relationships, Unconditional Love and the New Earth spoken of by ancient civilizations.

You ARE, Infinite Possibility.

You are welcomed into this energy by the guides and angels who support you on your human journey.

The portal is accessed via your Heart, Third Eye and Crown chakras, as your Merkabic Field opens to this 5th Dimensional Frequency.

What is your Merkabic Field? It is your Light Body, beyond the Auric and Etheric field.

I’ve spoken to several people today from across the globe who are experiencing this energy! Meditation and sitting in silence is a really great idea today.

Blessings! ?️ Monika.

More info here on the Merkaba: