11. A sacred master number in Numerology that signifies spiritual awakening, a nudge from the Universe, a portal into the mystery of the cosmos.

It is the number of Twin Flames, of Intuition, Synchronicity, Authenticity, Manifestation, Abundance, and this year, a call from Luna to plant our dream seeds as she appears New and Pregnant with Inspiration on the 12th.

Carl Jung first spoke of Synchronicity – it is the belief that there are no coincidences…everything is connected, flowing within the river of possibility.

11:11 is Scorpio’s love child. It is the dream within the dream. It is the occult made clear. It is a powerful time during the year when we have a direct connection to the same creative power that birthed the Universe.

11:11 reminds us that we create our own reality!

The number One is associated with the planet Mercury, (the power of the mind, perception, communication – we manifest with every thought and word spoken), and The Magician in the Tarot Deck (Card One, signifying logic, intellect and beginnings).  He is the bridge between spirit and the mundane.

It is the number of God/dess, associated with the circle, a continuum, no beginning and no end.

One is a masculine energy, focused, strong-willed and self-reliant. Tapping into all the elements present at 11:11, we enter via this magical portal to a world we once only imagined.

What do you wish to create today? Are you ready to step into the unknown and leave all fear behind? In communication with my guide Aiden, I heard him say:

“Don’t think about what you wish to manifest, just feel it. Skip past the trying to figure it out and just do it. Just step right into it. Allow the Universe to make the way. Everyone gets stuck trying to figure it out. ‘How’ is not a question for manifestors.” 

In the dimension where Guides are energetically present, one only has to tap into the feeling of the reality they wish to create, there is no ‘making it happen’, there are only two steps…feeling…doing it!

We also can create this way, and often do, without realizing it.

11:11 is the number of Twin Flame Connections. It often shows up for those about to cross paths with/commit to their Twin, when spiritual growth (for lack of a better phrase) has prepared us to engage with our mirror image. If you are at this stage of your spiritual journey, you will be expanded in countless ways, presented with blessings, challenges and opportunities to abandon everything and follow your soul’s call.

The stars are aligned at this profound time of the year, closing in on Winter Solstice next month. These are the stars that determined your date of birth, that formed your DNA, that shine on your journey, that bear the imprint of your most unique incarnation. Will you co-create with them? Will you say, “Yes, Fuck Yes!” to what’s next?

I hope you do.

With Soul Hugs and heart Kisses,