My loves, has something been stirring in your heart so powerfully that you have felt an earthquake shaking up your very life?

Today, (according to your time zone) we savor the mystic energy of 11:11, a master number in Numerology, where portals open to the Between, and hearts open to Possibility.

In advance of the Solar Eclipse to occur on March 8th, the stars have aligned this leap year to gift us with the power of alchemy…change is afoot and so many of us have been opening in our heart center and Solar Plexus to accommodate the energy that will set us on a new course.

We are all creators of our personal journeys and universe. This day is not only for ‘artists’, those who write, paint or engage in any number of art forms available to human beings. This day is for all of us who walk with Third Eye open, searching for the Oneness that we are connected to within the Divine Matrix; those of us who breathe sensitivity and intuition.

And there are so many now who must, absolutely must, engage in the Universal energies of Love and Compassion or they will literary die aching for their spiritual home.

Are you an Empath? My partner and I are, and recently we have been engaging with the sacred energy of Lemuria, on the island of Kauai, at the foot of a mountain popularly called Bali Ha’i – or Makana to the Hawaiians.

As an Empath and Mystic, I am attuned to the energy of places and spirits. I came to the mountain expecting change, and change was handed to me generously.

Usually, I shy away from human contact, especially in new places. This time I had little choice, the spirits had plans of their own.

While standing at an ATM in a grocery store, withdrawing money for the next day’s farmer’s market, I tried to avoid the intense energy of a couple standing nearby. Steve, being the gregarious and curious creature that he is, began a conversation with them. Still I tried to remain invisible. But our connection had been agreed upon long ago, and I was caught in their vortex.

They in turn had felt me slip by them before they saw me and still I seemed almost invisible. I have been practicing shape shifting for years and being invisible is something I still have not mastered but it seems I am getting better at it.

Since our meeting, we have benefited from their wisdom and prophesy. That we ‘know’ each other is ridiculously clear. A few days later, Steve and I went to Bali Ha’i and I met a Hawaiian woman who also ‘recognized’ me.  I spoke to the spirits there and came back to our hotel room full of spiritual blessings.

That night I began clearing, physically and emotionally, and the next day we met with our new friends again – after that I was incapable of any more human contact and my crown chakra exploded with a powerful release.

Today we met again, and after some prophetic words from them I was ready to write this message.

Friends, the time has come for you to cross over into your power and visions.

Perhaps you have been Waiting, hovering close to the door of Possibility. Perhaps you have been gathering tools, sharpening your intuition, dreaming revelations, finding your tribe, using your heart instead of your mind to feel each tenuous step towards your highest purpose.

Perhaps until now you have not known the depths of your passion nor the great reserves of wisdom and strength that await your conscious awareness.

Perhaps the spirits who have been standing at your side have materialized in such a way that you can no longer ignore their nudges to listen closely.

I sit beside a raging ocean as I write this. Pisces rises to the challenge of inspiring us to let go of the old, and embrace tomorrow with confidence and purpose.

Purpose. There is that word again, the one that has had us in it’s grip since the day we were born into the physical world and has been whispering it’s love song while our heart lay sleeping.

But now you are Awoken.

Now you are the Seeker who need seek no more.

Now you are the Divine ready to experience a journey into a life that no-one else but you can envision.

Now, all of what you thought you knew is empty of truth and you pick up your sorceress’s staff, wrap your cloak around you -because the winds of change will challenge your journey – and turn your face to the storm.

Will there be a storm, you ask? Oh yes! There will be questions and those who try to dissuade you.

But now you know who you are. Now nothing is impossible. Now you are All.

Gift us with your wisdom, your love, your highest self. The world needs you and your inescapable dreams.

I bow to you, for you are all my teachers.

I too, with my love by my side, will strike out once again, the gypsy with her magic, to fulfill the visions that have been mine to nurture for so very long now.

Centuries ago, you may have been unsure, but now, you know, and when you know, you must follow that North Star to your center.

Remember, intuition, wisdom and love are yours to use for the betterment of the world.

A storm is gathering over the Pacific as I write, the wind is picked up and the spirits stir!

Namaste, and I’ll see you on the Other Side of 11:11.