Who are you?

We define ourselves in terms of what we do, our interests, and further solidify an image of ourselves via our dress, our hobbies, what we read, who we engage with.

All these attachments to definitions of ourselves create our ‘story’.

But are we these things or do we mold ourselves into a particular image? Are we separating ourselves from others by creating a persona that lies in layers upon our beingness?

Does our spirit expand within this story we have written about ourselves, or do we shrink as ego grasps tightly to it.

These are questions that we may ask ourselves, and note, there is not a right or wrong answer, we are here to learn through our experiences.

I identify with being a witch, a writer, a tree-hugger, and the list goes on as I pile on other labels which define me – bi-sexual, forager, environmentalist – down to the car I prefer, the boots I wear, the food I cook, the way I keep my home.

And still, who am I?

I stand before the mirror and do not look away. I gaze into my eyes. Somewhere deep in there…do not look away…I exist. Strip me bare of those other things, I am just like you. Beyond the stories we create, we are One.

Image: Eva Green as Miss Peregine in Tim Burton’s ‘Miss Peregine’s Home for Peculiar Children’

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