Waking up next to you has been the deepest pleasure of my life.

All these years of lying by your side, sometimes draped across your body or tucked in close to your heart, you’ve kept me safe in a turbulent world.

Every night you slide in beside me, a grin on your face, and say the same words, “This is the best part of the day, babe, getting in bed with you.”

I never tire of hearing those words, of seeing your virile nakedness, of knowing that no matter what we’ve been through, no matter where time has led us, no matter what adventures we have taken on as lovers, I am still the one that you crave to lie with when darkness falls.

We spend the night endlessly joined, holding hands, our lips touching, sometimes kissing, spine to spine, legs entwined, me on top of you held tight by your arms, you curled around me—there is no end to how we make two bodies one.

You give me space when I ask for it, but whisper that you’ll miss me.

You pull me in when I wake up crying and kiss my nightmares away.

You call my name in your dreams, still, after all this time.

Your warmth is my shelter; your desire an affirmation that life has not dimmed our passion.

Your soft “goodnight” is as pleasant to my ears today as it was the first time you slept over and I watched you all night long.

When the sun escapes the eastern sky and shines through the trees in slivers of hope, I wake to see your eyes already upon me, your smile the first thing to greet me.

My heart is warmed by your deep love for me, your fingers trace along my cheek and you pull me close once more.

“Hey,” you say.

“Hey,” I say.

I try to hide under the covers, your eyes are sinful, you still make me blush.

I am grateful for your lusty laugh when you pin my hands to the bed.

I am grateful for the way your eyes search mine waiting for permission to take what you need.

I am grateful for your words as you leave me breathless. You tell me that I’m beautiful and that your life would be a mess without mine.

I am grateful for the moments in your embrace before we greet the day.

I am grateful for your gift of murmured promises—there is still so much you want to share with me.

There is nothing I love more—waking up next to you is still the deepest pleasure of my life.

copyright – monika carless @ elephant journal

art – loui jover https://www.saatchiart.com/account/artworks/284005