I’ve cried so many tears during the last week over the senseless killing of Cecil the Lion.

When stories of animal cruelty appear, I am often so sickened by them that I cannot even bear to read them or view the videos.

Intellectually I understand that awareness brings about change. I know that avoiding bad news is not the answer; and yet, my heart aches so much that I force my eyes shut and turn away. And such is my self-preservation.

Today I quickly glanced at a post sent by a friend who I know to be an animal activist. I almost passed it by, my heart not ready for any more stories about yet another mistreated animal. But my eyes were drawn to the story of Rusty Diamond nonetheless.

Read on and see the video here…http://www.elephantjournal.com/2015/08/this-sweet-dog-spent-a-lifetime-chained-up-tissue-alert-video/