My Love, never doubt what lies in my heart for you.

I could shower you with gifts and deliver a meadow full of flowers, but it would hardly express what keeps me awake at night while you sleep.

Do you know that the sight of your face, peaceful in sleep, breaks my heart into a million aching pieces? Your beauty inside and out is a wicked way to keep me staring.

I wait for your eyes to open, sensual like a sleeping dragon that keeps me trapped within its cave. Even if you let me go I could not run, for where is there to go after you? There is no sea, no ocean, no underground river as deep as your love.

I am drowned to your essence and I wish to stay that way.

The day you promised yourself to me is tattooed on my soul. I remember your words and the tears in your eyes and the way you held me. I remember the way you gave yourself to me and it was nothing short of heaven.

Your body is a temple I enter with reverence and lust. The way you unfold for me brings me to tears. The skill of your mouth on mine is a symphony of music that deafens me to another’s call. Never release me from this spell, your magic is the only web that I wish to cling to.

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