The last time these three energies coincided was 1981.

Theme: Illumination. Amplification. Intuition. Insight. Balance. Integration.

Northern Hemisphere: New Growth, Re-birthing.

Southern Hemisphere: Shedding. Embracing the Shadows.

What is fragmented, polarized, seeks unification. Allow the Feminine /Mother energy of the Moon to feed your subconscious mind/archetypal soul.

Activities: Moon bathing, crystal charging, dying eggs as a symbol of new life and creativity, dancing around a fire, howling at the moon, shedding old habits and possessions, journaling new desires, leaving undesirable relationships.

What lost parts of yourself will you call back in? How will you nurture your previous self for integration with present self? Allow Luna and the balancing energies of the equinox to be your allies as you embrace ALL of yourself, light and dark, and love yourself back to WHOLEness.

Blessings at this most sacred time, Monika. ???☀️

A message via TulaFae:

Making the most of a Full Moon during this Equinox…

A fresh start is upon you. Can you feel the shift from the fogginess of mutable air into the inspiration and power of cardinal air? There is an added sizzle of energy in the air thanks to the square of Venus in Aquarius and Mars in Taurus.

The astronomical sacred geometry points to a portal of fate between Jupiter, Uranus, and the North Node. The Pleiadian gates are opening. The hand of destiny is pointing to a portal of fate is opening up. It is time to hone change that is aligned in wisdom and destiny beyond our comprehension. Embrace the path of life opening up for you as it is now, and make the unlikely decision.

You know what you want in life and are awakening to how to achieve these pursuits with the refreshing energy and initiative to accomplish.

In what ways can you be more trusting, genuine, and kind?

If you could wave a magic wand over your life – what would be different? What small steps can you make to get there from where you are now?

Surround yourself with beauty. Dressing yourself in the most luxurious pieces in your wardrobe, even to just grab a coffee. Go above and beyond your normal rush and routine.

Purchase flowers or even a plant with intentions and an invitation of where beauty may blossom in your life.

The Sun and Chiron are opposite the Moon – leaving us vulnerable. Easily one can fall into insecurity, intimacy issues, trust issues, feeling as if we do not belong, and rejection.

Be gentle with yourself. Now is a time of ultimate receiving.

Remind yourself in every moment you deserve more.

Receive new friendships and relationships.

Often in astrology post, I often see the word “intense” as the adjective fore each moon. Isn’t it time to realize intensity is passion, change, quantum levels of promotion and recognition?

Can you be like Aries, take the initiative you see with passion by harnessing the power around you?

If you can, then you can and will catapult your life out of your old ways of being.

Love you, stay blessed, and Happy Equinox Full Moon.


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image: alma black/unsplash