We are alive in this time for a sacred purpose, Wild Ones!

On July 27th/28th the world will experience the longest Lunar eclipse of the 21st Century, during a Full Moon, and coinciding with, Mercury’s Retrograde.

One hundred and four minutes of cosmic magic!

If we chose to live in this time, on this planet, we chose to embody the energy of this eclipse. We chose to be agents for the changes that will emerge through these energetic celestial alignments.

Our energetic centers (chakras), will take part in an initiation into higher frequency vibration. We are the peacemakers, the seekers, the lightworkers, the starseeds who are in cosmic cooperation for higher enlightenment.

On the day of the eclipse, Mars will be at opposition to the Sun. Shining with a dazzling yellow-orange glow, this planet will be situated about a half-dozen degrees below the moon.

Mars, the ruler of Aries is the planet of energy, action, and desire. It rules our animal instincts. I find it interesting that at this time we are presented with both our basic drive for survival and desire, along with the progress of our spiritual journey.

Also interesting isthat I arrived in Australia in time for this eclipse, where I will be able to see it in its entirety, whereas, had I stayed at my home in North America, I would have been on the one continent where the eclipse is not visible. My soul made plans while I was busy tending to other things. And so, I greet this Lunar event with a heart full of gratitude for its divine timing.

I am deep in study right now of how the Divine Feminine rising is part of the restoration of the planet. Luna is my guide, her light and shadow reminds me of my place in the world, woman’s place in the world. It is through Woman and her stories that we will remember our connection to all that is. When you look at the moon in the next few days, remember that we are, in our genetic make-up, part of Her. We look up at Her, but really she is in us and we in Her.

Together, we eclipse. We cover the Sun, we become that mystical blood-red hue, the color of the Feminine in her most creative process. Let this mystery permeate your bones and use this sacred time for manifesting with purpose.

Cosmic message via TulaFae, Astrologer.

Mercury Retrograde in Virgo… Virgo is the feminine ruled counterpart of Mercury. The particular influence of this retrograde will be focused on health and finances. Of course with the eclipse, there is much more to unpack in regards to the retrograde.

Mercury is spinning seemingly backwards along the longest route of his orbit furthest away from the earth. The pull away from earth will give the space to look at situations objectively. The downfall of Virgo is to be overly critical of ourselves and others. In this Retrograde it can be easy to be overly critical of the body or accomplishments or when planning trips.

So in these moments it will be important to remember it is only a place to take a step back and observe rather than pass judgement.

There is a little more to take into context with what is happening in the cosmos. Venus is high in the sky – you can see her at night. She rises with the night as a bright light underneath the moon for all to see especially for those in the Northern Hemisphere. The Sun is in Leo, the Moon is in Aquarius, and on the 27th they will Eclipse.

Is it not just divine perfection when the distance between the Sun and the Earth and the Moon are spaced so that the moon completely covers the Sun a few times a year?

Eclipses mean endings, new beginnings and karmic cleansing. The Mercury retrograde can lead to tough conversations needing to be spoken and perhaps too much focus and anxiety on finances. It is a time that people feel more exhausted than normal. Especially for those who are holding back their heart’s expression.

In the space between the Sun and the Moon, when there is an eclipse, the moon acts as a space holder with the very personal planets of Mercury, Venus and north/south nodes.

This space holder acts as a vacuum, supercharging Earth, Mercury, and Venus with the eclipse energy.

This is the longest eclipse in over a century. Meaning the container has more time to charge up these energies. Usually it takes us over six months to unpack the energies of one eclipse and come to completion.

The eclipse is on the axis of Leo and Aquarius. This axis is the energy of unconditional love. Unconditional love for the self and being in heart space pulling for the blessings of being our Radiant Self. The Aquarius axis is Love for Humanity and for finding common ground. Aquarius cares very much for peace and will be rebellious and loud to get that peace.

The fact that Saturn is in its home constellation of Capricorn brings the influence of governments and the bureaucracies that are in power. It is in this time over the next few months that we will be reviewing what branches of the government actually are in the process of doing good for society and humanity. Earth between the Mercury  Retrograde and the Saturn Retrograde leaves for contemplating over who is helping the environment at large.

It’s important to ask ourselves, where we are being fearless and showing up for our heart. Are we being fearless and in authentic expression? Even if that means having difficult conversations with others? Asserting  ourselves in ways that may be unusual and a bit surprising? The Eclipse is also giving us a push to do out part and elevate the consciousness of humanity.

Does that mean being an activist? Does this mean speaking up about our spiritual practices even to the skeptics in our family or friend group? No longer being silent as someone is being wronged? This goes well beyond love and light and is asking us to choose between wrong and right.

Of course in any Eclipse there will be the purging within our body and in our mind and the people that we hold closest to us. This is because it’s getting us into a deeper level of who we are so that we can go out into the world and be of pure service. Through the next six months, we will be refining how we speak and representing ourselves in the collective.

The eclipse holds radical transformations of self love so potent that it will spill over into our communities physically and online. Self love so strong it can point out and stand for a more peaceful society even in the face of adversity.

TulaFae is a well-being coach, astrologer, yoga teacher, world traveler, and a candidate pursuing a license in naturalistic medicine. Her work uncovers blocks in the energy, mental, and physical bodies by illuminating the blueprint of each soul set in and individual’s star charts. She helps others connect to their purpose in life through astrology, meditation, and essential oils. Dissolving confusion and delays of desire by using the body and mind to get tuned into one’s inner compass with harmony and trust.

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Namaste Wild Ones! See you on the other side.

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