I never expected to hear about politics from my guides but here is a positive look at the run for Presidency in America, and the role that Goddess plays.

“Even with wings clipped, She reigns. Everything that is, comes through Her. Subdued, forced into Her cave, blindfolded, and mate mute, she is still the Queen and the galaxies spin because she Is. Quietly, tenderly, lovingly, she has worked her magic while the Piscean age, (power, money, control, war) transitions into the Aquarian (love, unity, integrity, compassion, peace) Goddess has been weaving a new robe for us to wear. Remember when the lamb was sacrificed (symbolism – Jesus) – that was the end of the Arian age (the ram); there are always clues in the heavens as to your spiritual development, and you can look to them for answers and explanations.

Even now, we see the struggle between Piscean forces and Aquarian in American politics, where the Masculine (representing power and control) is in a battle for continued power, and the Feminine (representing the continued shift you have been experiencing since the 1960’s and becoming more pronounced as predicted by the Mayans) is being allowed room to blossom. You can think of it as a skit, where the audience waits out the ending. While it seems a farce, it is indeed a representation of the current spiritual movement. All things are as they should be, therefore do not worry, because the Aquarian age is here, everything acts according to the planetary shifts. We ARE in transition.

She is emerging. More vital and more balanced than ever before. The Divine Masculine will be tempered by her nurturing love, and you can expect more co-operation. The Goddess has never been ‘gone’. She has simply been waiting her time, and her time is now. And as always, as taught by your greatest teachers, the quiet, peaceful way, is the way of the true warrior. There is honor in the Masculine at the feet of the Feminine. And as you have seen, the other way around was necessary to experience, as you do live in a world of dualities, and that is how you learn, but as for the Aquarian age, the Masculine will learn from the Feminine.

The most important lesson of the Age, from our perspective, is for the Feminine to not rise up against the Masculine as that would again bring imbalance, control and war. But you already know that.” ~ Aiden.

image: lily a. seidel