Beloved Friends,

I/we are Aiden, an individual and group of non-incarnated Beings from the Pleiades Star Nation.

It is our pleasure to speak once again through our loving channel Monika, or as some of you understand her, Coyote.

It is our pleasure to speak with you again, today on this important matter before you, an evolutionary leap for your kind.

We would like to assure you that this missive is not about Covid-19, nor will we discuss any theory regarding the virus, and you will soon understand completely why we are steering this conversation toward something quite extra-ordinary.

We would like to bring your attention to the two layers of distraction you are now suffering from – the original distraction of a pandemic, then the focus on who is responsible. While mind/ego try to ‘make sense’ of what is happening, while the mind is occupied with the deep ‘rabbit hole’ of conspiracy, Mother Gaia is birthing a new world, silently and humbly surrendering to her destiny.

Every evolutionary leap in 3D reality has been heralded by a cosmic event, a planetary alignment. On April 4th, 2020, the Pluto/Jupiter conjunction opens a portal of tremendous proportions. Between April 1 and 13 (Easter Sunday), 2020, Gaia establishes her new crystalline grid, to correspond with her new crystalline core, a matrix never before established on Earth.

This evolutionary step for Gaia is the awakening of heart-centered life on your planet, a long awaited, and much anticipated shift among all Star Nations, as it affects us all.
The shift from one dimension to another, 3D to 5D is a shift in consciousness, not place. Earth now has the capacity to return to Her Eden state, for humanity to live through the heart, no longer under the bondage of an unbalanced polarity.

Friends, in order for this shift to take place, great amounts of energy from the Galactic Sun have been beamed toward Gaia, Priestess Awakening. She rises sovereign, in integrity with her original impulse at birth from her Great Mother Tiamat, ushering in humility, compassion, love, justice and a positive harvest.
What can we do, our beloved Coyote has asked us. But we have talked of this often, through many transmissions with your kind, and we say this again, with much love, we say to you – remember,

You create everything you experience
You create everything with your thoughts
Everything that happens is not happening to you but through you
Each of you creates the world you live in
The collective you creates the world you live in
All is a projection of the mind
You choose

You have known this for all lifetimes, in the now, present and future, all things ARE right now, even this knowing that where your focus intensifies, there you create your world

Choose to love, have compassion for all those who you see as the unjust, for they have suffered and so cause suffering. As the ancients say, they are another you, and you are another them.

Shift your focus, this is the call for rising to Utopia.

While Gaia labors to birth the New Earth, return to your heart, welcome her brilliance as she weaves a new matrix, like a spider weaving a web, to hold All within her embrace.

All the fear, anger, distrust, confusion and controversy, desire to ‘warn’ each other of imminent dangers about the ‘elite’, is another clever way the mind has discovered to keep from the transformation that happens at dimensional shifts. Remember, where your focus is, that is what you continue to create.
Be at peace Beloveds.

The portal of 4.4.4, the first 13 days of April, the frequencies activated within your DNA as the Moon brings us to full illumination and positive harvest on the 14th of April, is now being initiated by Starseeds and Empaths the world over, who are gathering with intentional focus on not world events but the evolution of Gaia, the evolution of your kind.

Dear Friends, your Star Nations Brothers and Sisters are here to assist you in this leap. We are surrounding you, affirming you, supporting you as you hold the frequency of evolution.
Timelines are converging, Beloveds. As above so below. Use your magic and your alchemy to create peace and abundance.

And so it is, as you dream it, so it appears before your eyes.
We dream with you,