Are you, like me, feeling the immense energy building up to this full moon?

So much is on the cusp in terms of soul growth. We are in the House of Scorpio and the holy days of Samhain are reaching their collective influence. This moon holds powerful medicine. It will be interesting to watch what unfolds. Don’t be surprised at how quickly dreams begin to manifest, or how the unexpected will suddenly arrive at your doorstep.

I am delighted to read and share with you the insights of astrologer and Wise Woman, Tula Fae. Blessings, Wild Ones. We journey on.

The Forecast 

The sun, the moon, the south node, and the north node are all in the first degree – 1111.

We are – Taurus Full Moon, opposite retrograde Venus in Scorpio Retrograde, Squared the North Node in Leo and South Node in Aquarius. Saturn sextile the sun and Venus plus trined the moon and retrograde Uranus.

This full moon is well into the experimental process of manifestation. There is much for us to shift, change, and implement into our reality. Using this full moon to get out of our own way, we are in the process of building the future we hold in our minds eye – the knowing deep in our subconscious that our desires will come to fruition.

This moon is nurturing, independent, and cleansing. Allowing the shifts will change the trajectory of our life from this moment as we integrate this energy into our bodies and lives.

Uranus Retrograde conjunct the Full Moon in Taurus – Uranus is electrictrifying our higher, detached collective mental state, ushering in radical changes to our sense of independence and stability. The radical shift happens in those areas where we have pulled the wool over our own eyes. It is time to see our essence and know our truth.  The full moon conjunct the retrograde Uranus asks us for integrity of deep, receptive wisdom; that knowing of things working out when we are diligent and consistent with our work. When we know our truth at a quantum level; that is our power, that we must do all things from here on out.

It is a chance to redefine what we need and desire out of life. The subconscious rewiring of our mental state, our mental wounds – an attitude of self worth and acceptance that creates burdens happens to us all. It has been put into place since we were five years old or younger. This programming gets in the way of cooperating with our spiritual self directly; the immediacy to shape, create, and experience our greatest infusion of energy and elevation when connecting to self. We are being asked to overcome fear which has been programmed into our minds before we were aware of our true nature.

Taurus in degree 1 is the beginning of a new phase – the expression of the DNA of the soul.

The moon is exalted, deeply nurturing; paired with the masculine energy of Uranus we are stating our independence, individuality, vulnerability, being who we really are, what really means something to us, and unmasking ourselves from false notions of strength. The opportunity to take a new approach to life. From this perspective reentering the flow of all that is in life once again in a pure state – washed of the faulty preconceptions. The over used mind neural pathways that created a false sense of self which has reflected in our life. It is as simple as it is powerful.

The Venus Retrograde has shown us where we have the most trouble letting go – revealing subconscious blocks that form patterns in our life that hold us back from happiness and opportunities. This degree of Scorpio holds the height and the depth of our experiences. A chance to transmute great expectations and transformations into the sublime. Coming beyond the stress and discord of life in awareness of what is blocking its path – the fall into negativity stemming from the false construct of the inability to connect. Within the pull of the Moon and Uranus opposite this Venus retrograde we must be gentle with our nervous system. Take time for ourselves to go inward and release our blocks with the deepest level of mindfulness we have ever experienced.

It will not happen overnight. It will require dedication and diligence even when our mind and habits wish to go backward into the old. 

Thankfully we have Saturn in harmonious aspects to the Sun, Moon, Retrograde Venus and Retrograde Uranus.

Saturn in 4 degrees of Capricorn revels structure which have been build and depended on for a long time. It is now time to change these structures to meet new needs – our new selves. The person we would be if we were experiencing all that we desire from living.  It is an invite to tap into the undercurrent of our emotions and mindset to witness how these are eroding the landscape of our human thought. Saturn gives us dignity and integrity and allows us to release emotional instability. Saturn will implement our work now for the long term and sustain the future we are creating.

The way our minds are in action and in alignment with our deepest truth and validation of this new rebirth will be the success of implementing this full moon.

So, the other half of 1111 are the squared the north and south nodes.

North node in Leo in the 1st degree. An insight to where we are all in our heart space and inspiration collectively.

We are the magicians inventing many new techniques, full of spiritual wisdom and magic. You know in your heart there are endless ways to get where you are going. We can reinvent ourselves over and over, each time calling forth new aspects of our being and expressing them vividly – enjoying ourselves and our situations and our relationships without any expectation in the differences with which we learn from them.

It’s a test in maintaining one’s own integrity

South Node in Aquarius in the 1st degree. Knowing where collectively we are processing in the background of our minds. This degree asks us to sacrifice personal desires for a higher purpose. Life as we know it has worn itself out. It is time for change and letting go of old patterns. Bring what is hidden to fulfill spiritual needs.


We must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us. ~ Joseph Campbell

Image Photography: Zan Douglas/Unsplash