Soul Mission Workbook

A 66 Page Course-Workbook

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The ‘Soul Mission’ Workbook is an Exploration of
Your Personal Mystery

One thing has stood out in my sessions with clients around the globe – when someone understands their own mystery, the reason for their incarnation, and sees themselves as a magically unique being, they unfold into their purpose and love themselves as they have never before!

I first began teaching ‘soul mission’ through astrology and numerology in my ‘Healing Mother Wound’ course. Each person’s excitement to learn more about themselves was a true gift to witness

Once we know who we are, beyond the physicality and psyche that govern our everyday life, we have an uncanny ability to navigate and heal our wounds

Without this understanding of Self, our significance within the greater consciousness and universe can feel small.

But YOU! YOU are magical and vital. You came here with purpose and intention. There is no way for any of us to materialize on Earth without a very conscious intention to BE and to CREATE in human form. YOU made this choice in another realm, it’s time to own it!

Along the way, I decided that this portion of my course needed to be available to everyone, and so, the idea for this workbook was birthed

Although the astrology and numerology information is something you may have encountered before, it is in the gathering of clues to your soul map that creates the picture of your divinely inspired Beingness

I have dropped these breadcrumbs for you to gather within the pages of this self-directed, mini -course

Come, explore with me. Learn just how fantastic your dance with the cosmos is!

Workbook Contents

  • 66-pages to find your Soul Mission
  • A Note From Me
  • Workbook Outline
  • How to use this Workbook
  • Primary Soul Purpose
  • Exploring Beliefs and a Connection Meditation
  • Soul Missions Available on Planet Earth – Channeled Information
  • Exploring Your Personal Mystery – Numerology and Astrology
  • Your Natal Chart and Life Path Number
  • Your Sun and Ascending Sign’s Essence
  • The Moon, Your Emotions and Daily Habits
  • Your Sign’s Elements and Their Attributes
  • Four Major Astrological Transits in Life
  • Your Soul Blueprint Map
  • Journal Prompts to Spark Next Steps
  • Somatic Transformation Exercise
  • Further Reading

With heart hugs and soul kisses,


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