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Sex Clubs. What Liberated Women Need to Know.

by | May 7, 2015 | Musings | 1 comment

A Sex Club? What’s that? You watch what? Is it safe? OMG!

These and other more probing questions were fired at me one day when I let slip that I had been—and there was no taking that information back.

Could I be of service by sharing the scoop about an unconventional evening out? Does anyone else wonder what happens at a sex club or why one would go in the first place?

This is going to become somewhat personal and explicit, so fair warning here. For the record, I am petrified to write this.

It might not be the 60s, and it may not seem like there is a sexual revolution taking place, but inter-personal relationships are evolving. Society is recognizing, albeit at an agonizingly slow pace, that all is not monogamy and heterosexuality.

We are learning to hold on a little less tightly to the norm and accepting our individuality.

more naughtiness here:

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  1. Gaia Orion

    Great post dear Coyote, you definitely are going through a ‘coming out’! I think it is great you give such a natural, genuine and simple voice to sexuality. Congratulation on your work! Love, Gaia


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