October 31, 2013 marked my official self initiation into the Wise Woman Tradition, although I had been practicing magic in a less formal fashion for five years prior. I had the privilege of sharing that evening with my firstborn, Elizabeth, who performed her own rites and ceremonies in private. We ended the evening by dancing by the wood stove, free to see each other as so much more than mother and daughter, but also as friends who respect the Earth and believe in the un-seen.

I am a Solitary. Probably because of my Scorpio nature, I prefer lone activities. To share that evening with my daughter was out of character, and dangerous to my ego-filled mind, but her acceptance of who I am brought me out of my shell. For this I am grateful.

One full turn of the Sacred Wheel has brought me closer in my walk with my guides, my angels, the elementals who tread softly beside me each day. The circle I cast this Samhain was less tremulous, more in tune with all the Beings that attended my ceremony. I have identified eight significant events that have shaped me in the past year. I knew that initiation would bring change. It’s been a rough and beautiful ride. I am re-born, and expect that after each full turn, I will be re-born once more.

Magic and Alchemy is powerful. It’s our birthright. I now can recognize the alchemy and magic in much of what Jesus taught and did. Outside the perimeters of religion I can see him for the magical man that he was, and his words, (and this due in large part to the teachings of Paulo Coelho and Eckhart Tolle) finally sink deep into my soul. If walking on water, re-incarnation, turning water into wine, bringing the dead back to life and feeding the hungry with limited resources is not magic, then please show me what is!

I have no illusions as to what the magic I wove a few nights ago will bring. More magic! More transformation. More centering into unconditional love. So Mote It Be!