She was nice.
Very, very nice.

She tried with all her being not to rock the boat, to make peace, to delete her needs and wants for the sake of her family, her partner, her friends.
But at night she would grind her teeth, and toss and turn, and nurse an ache in her heart to be wild and be free. She longed for expression.

She wanted to scream – I Am HERE!
See me!
Hear me!
I am tired. So tired that sleep cannot heal me!

But nobody could hear her, or see her, because she had been wrapped in a veil of polite servitude, and under that veil, she was invisible.

What if she took off that veil? What would happen? Would everything and everyone suddenly collapse around her?

Deep down she knew that it wouldn’t. Deep down she knew the questions she must ask herself.

“Why am I so afraid of what others will say about me if I get off this crazy merry-go-round? Will they say I’m selfish? Who will I be if I am not this? Why are women taught to be ‘nice’? Do I love myself enough to focus on me?”

She did not have all the answers, but she did know that she had nothing left, and the greatest thing she would lose was her faith in herself. Because when she looked in the mirror, she didn’t recognize the empty-eyed woman staring back at her.

And so, she leapt.

She leapt into the unknown, into the ‘what if’.

And there was a stillness. In her heart and in her soul. She took a breath. She was alive. She took a step. She was free.

She began to fly.

Art – LA Street Art/artist unknown

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