instaquote-_temp5New Moon Blessings my loves!

Have we been through the fire, or what? There are no words to either explain nor understand the events unfolding since the last new moon, which brought Scorpio’s dark intensity. We are still, in America, battling government and its effects – North Dakota and the Presidential elections. So much energy has spilled much like tar; thick and stifling, over emotions and the stark realities of life. In other parts of the world, earthquakes, wars, human rights violations – are we still under this oppression? It seems unfathomable, incomprehensible, too painful to swallow.

And yet, this new moon brings some stability, as we gain in understanding of our light. For there are so many of us now, who bravely shed our brilliance like so many stars at night, hoping for peace, aiming for justice, speaking words of love.

29.11.2016. The magic of the number 4. Stability, Equality. We need this energy! Let us, on solid footing, stand strong together to bring in more of what this world aches for: enlightenment of our true nature.

Sagittarius is our leader now until the 30th of December. Optimistic, positive, expansive. Jupiter rules this sign and brings good fortune but also challenges. Sagittarius is fire…it makes things happen! So let us not give up yet, in our stand against oppression. In fact, let us not struggle at all, but breathe in peace as we exhale strife.

Sagittarius is not much for lies, and can be quite blunt in its execution of the truth. Let us learn from the good in this and the bad. While we keep to the right, to the best of humanity, and ask that of others, we can achieve this without killing the fly off someone’s forehead with an axe, when a fly swatter will do. Can we have dignity in our march towards justice, can we behave with honor, can we love our enemy and transmute their darkness to light?

As we stretch towards the winter Solstice, where the Sun will be born again, can we embrace the shadows and value them for their teachings?

We are not lost. We are not the forgotten. We are the Earth Builders. We are in solidarity about our quest for a New Earth.

May the blessings of the New Moon fill your heart and spur your dreams.

New Moon Mantra:

I am new. I am inspired. I am the light. I am invigorated. I am grounded in Love.

So it has been written, so mote it be.