Todays’ new Moon is a call to balance between the sacred energies of Shakti and Shiva. Leo rules the heart and it is through the heart that we reach for higher spiritual ground.

Every New and Full Moon we have an opportunity to align with the frequencies emitted cosmically. Through meditation and intention, we can absorb these frequencies and align to our furthering purpose.

Whether we are aware of it or not, the movements of the moon release portals from which we can draw creative inspiration and also align our chakras as well as our bodies (spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical). For some this happens spontaneously, while for others it requires deep meditative and reflective work, and everything in between.

You may be feeling resistance to the changes occurring lately as we become more integrated into the 5th Dimension (think love, compassion, increased creativity). Headaches, muscle tension, skin eruptions, digestive and liver/gallbladder complaints, depression, apathy, may be occurring. Allow these indicators to pass through as divine teachers and breathe into the new frequency that is guiding us onward. Let go. We are long past living solely in the 3rd dimension.

All the upheaval since the birth of 2016 has been part of the resistance to a frequency that can no longer encompass fear and hatred. Birthing a new world is a laborious process, but there is no doubt that it is happening on every level of consciousness. As we evolve personally we evolve the Whole.

This New Moon in Leo you may be guided to meditate on opening to Love. This may be a new love, a love of others, oneself, or even love of those we do not understand and are afraid of. As you sit in meditation, envision a golden light, like the glow of the setting sun on the plains of the Serengeti, filling your heart chakra, and resonating throughout your entire body. Let it fill every corner of your being and heal the wounds that cause tears in the fabric of your aura. Breathe out insecurity and fear, breathe in healing compassion for yourself and others. Picture your chakras and all your emanating bodies as vibrating with peace and in complete wellness.

As you absorb the frequencies presented by this New Moon, find gratitude for all that you are feeling.
Integrating or uploading new frequencies and aligning with new teachings can be exhausting and take a few days so be kind to yourself and rest as needed. Invite your guides to take the journey with you. They are there for your specific needs, assigned to your service.

Write down new insights or visions as they appear in the next few days.

Namaste, my loves, and welcome to the new brave world!

image from Archeon Tarot Deck/Timothy Lantz