I wonder what is happening for you lately? Are you in transition as I and many of us have been?

Speaking with my Tribe over the last two weeks, I hear that we are on the move, either physically, emotionally or spiritually. What is this transit? For each of us, personal reasons…but are they? Or are we all spinning to the same universal song; our dance moves as varied as there are souls, but when viewed with the perspective of the shifts of the planets, is there not a grand synchronicity that gravitates us together? Is our purpose, to experience ourselves as Love, not our common symphony?

My path since the last new moon has been all about trust. My partner and I have downsized our home situation considerably. We sold something quite expansive and purchased a tinier version to pursue more adventure, eliminate our mortgage, and free ourselves of possessions to a great degree. Don’t get me wrong, I still have shelves and shelves of books, my favorite china tea cups, and art created by friends. But many things have drifted away, and with it, attachments, and a facing of fears. I sit in my new work space as I write this, looking over Mt. Finlayson covered in mist, and am overflowing with gratitude as to what facing fear and change has gifted me with.

Soon I leave on another adventure, exactly what those downsizing decisions have afforded me, to the wild and woolly Australian shores for a three month immersion with love. (more on that later!)

So that has been where the Gemini new moon has been pulling me. What is your adventure? Where to next? In a world full of certainty, change is inevitable.

I invite you to contemplate the insights of astrologer and mystic, TulaFae, as she explores the wisdom of the cosmos with us. I resonate very deeply with this New Moon message, it takes me deep into my awareness, helping me to ground in some very important aspects of my soul, as reflected by the heavens. May it be of service to your soul as well. Above all, know that you are Love and everything is as it should be, as you have divined it.

“Super new moon in Gemini is giving rise to how we wish to express ourselves in the world.

Super moon refers to when the moon along her the elliptical orbit is closer to the Earth. The greater gravitational pull traditionally translates to a greater pull on our psyche and health. While it is important to make quiet ad reflective time each new moon; this new moon definitely has its mind on connection with friends, family, and tribe.

Gemini is a masculine sign that is eager to express its ideas to the world, curious and charismatic. Gemini is ruled by Mercury.

Mercury is currently in Cancer which is ruled by the moon. The new moon shows our subconscious and what needs to be weeded out of the mind’s landscape before sowing new seeds of intention throughout the new month. The Cancer energy gives profound insight on the ways we nurture ourselves with our own internal dialogue.

Manifestation occurs with every thought, whether serious or casual, is not a matter for the law of energy. Thoughts can be spellbinding and creating scenarios we would rather not experience. The key is to observe with serenity any moments arise of doubt, worry, envy, or anger. Observation is key in these moment to keep moving on with improvement in small steps.

This new moon is relatively benign, yet it is the last new moon before the eclipse season in just one short moon cycle away. Planets Neptune and Mars have stationed, becoming more prominent in their energy and palpable in our lives. Our actions can be prone to perfectionism, flakiness, and doing more for others than we do for ourselves. Neptune can lead to a lot of moments that feel like déjà vu and also give a boost in an intentional lucid dreaming practice.

The new moon in Gemini with Neptune stationing will allow for quantum timeline healing for the inner child and for the ancestors. Things are changing very rapidly for many people. It is even time for some to gain new partnership with their spiritual guides depending on the state of evolution for one’s intuition.

Therefore, the new moon in Gemini has a lot of important messages to relay to us through a variety of means. Channeled information, downloads, deep insights, and shifted awareness is expected during this new moon. In order to gain all of the information it may be easier to just speak and record rather than try to record on paper as information will move quickly.

Take time to realize what you need from friends, your tribe, your intimate partnerships, your health, your career, and your ambitions. Witness the conversations you have around each area of life. Witness the areas that need more grace placed around them.

Open yourself up for the energetic messages to come through, as even more change is coming in a short four weeks.

Understanding what you want, how you want it, and the steps necessary to express these goals will leave you stronger for any shifts that come along the way.”

TulaFae is a well-being coach, astrologer, yoga teacher, world traveler, and a candidate pursuing a license in naturalistic medicine. Her work uncovers blocks in the energy, mental, and physical bodies by illuminating the blueprint of each soul set in and individual’s star charts. She helps others connect to their purpose in life through astrology, meditation, and essential oils. Dissolving confusion and delays of desire by using the body and mind to get tuned into one’s inner compass with harmony and trust.

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