“Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before.” ~ Edgar Allan Poe

Finally, on April 15th, Mercury stations direct! Thank Goddess because there has been gnashing of teeth this time around. Solar storms, Spring Equinox, Blue Moons and other cosmic phenomena have had our knickers in a twist. I for one, who respect the planets foibles, am happy to transition into lighter times. How about you?

Until the 19th of April, we still walk on the wild side, so stay aware of pending communication and relationship shenanigans.

I really feel that Mercury is about just that, getting us to dip into our wildness, it invites chaos. Certainly, it makes me do a lot of soul searching about how to handle madness with grace.

~ We are magic and our darkness is the way into the light ~

Coinciding with Mercury’s trajectory, we enter the Moon’s dark phase.

During a dark moon, we sink into meditation and contemplation, it is not the time for action, my loves, not for magic, unless you are a seasoned witch and must banish something or other. And even then…with care.

So after the turmoil of the last few weeks, let us take a deep breath, rest, close our eyes and release gently…

~ Sink, sink…deeper you go, under the water, your breath suspended, your lungs filled with the oxygen of what you wrote so long ago upon the stars.

Deeper still, into the midnight of what scares you most, sink, my dear, let yourself drown.

To what are you drowning, to what shall you die?

I’ve thrown the runes, I’ve scattered the cards—the future is now so clear.

You will die to fear.

You will die to guilt.

You will die to resentment.

You will die to anger and bleeding wounds.

Your darkness is so beautiful that light bows down to you ~

And now that you’ve been through the churning waters, now that your bones are soaked with hope, we set our sights on the next Full Moon in Scorpio, Sunday April the 29th, also Lunar Beltane, and May 1st, Solar Beltane.

Blessed be, Wise Ones. The Wheel turns and we with it.