Wow! What times we are in…

I feel a fervent need for self-care after the intensity of Spring Equinox, The Full Moon and today’s early morning Lunar Eclipse.

Today we enter into full manifesting mode for 2016. It’s going to be a joyful, fruitful ride! But we have just come through the pressure cooker of the build-up towards this – before we go any further let us take a day or two to breathe and center.

Yesterday felt grey and lonely. World events tapped our reserves and further accentuated any depression we may have been feeling in the last month.

This is why self-care is so important. Stop for a moment to acknowledge that it’s been tough sleddin’. Breathe into any pain that you may be feeling and with the next breath, release.

I’ve never liked avoiding the pain. It always has something good to teach me. But once I am in touch with it and have thanked it for it’s guidance, I send it along with an intention of love and compassion.

A Lunar eclipse is a lesson in itself. For it to occur, the Moon must be Full, at it’s highest expression. The Sun, Earth and Moon must be aligned, with the Earth in the middle. To me, it’s always felt like a bit of a love-fest (of course it does, I’m a Scorpio) where the Earth benefits from a giant planetary hug! Gaia, our hard-working Mother, enjoys an infusion of Sister Moon and Father Sun – ahhh! moments of blessed respite. Well, that’s how I see it anyway.

And now I am craving that same care.

Today I will color, pamper myself in the bath, light candles, play with my crystals, enjoy the flowers on my table, make some magic and end the day with Yoga Nidra. I will listen to my favorite music and sing like no-one is listening. And hopefully no-one is because the wolves howl when I do!

I hope you leave some time for yourself. If you have a tree that you love nearby, or even if you have one that you can imagine, ground yourself by connecting your spine to it’s trunk, imagine your roots growing deep into the ground and entwining with the roots of your tree elder. Breathe in the Peace.

I leave you with a song that heals me every time I hear it.  Peace of Iona by the Waterboys.

Namaste my loves