Hey there lover, thought I’d drop you a line.

I’m totally over that game we’ve been playing. I’ve found my spine.

It was over there in a heap—in a corner. I forgot about it when you told me that you loved me.

I was so hungry when we met.

I was aching for tenderness. I needed your touch. You who are expert at finding my weak spots, who gladly found my best vein and needled it.

Something in my eyes, you told me. Something that made you want me from day one. Yeah, it was my overt neediness. It fit so well into your own.

I needed love, and you needed to torture someone with snippets of your attention.

Every day, like a starving dog I lapped up your words of adoration. One word at a time, then you’d back away. Then another, and another, while I crawled and licked and begged for just one more well-timed scrap.

So beautiful, you’d whisper. So what you needed, you’d speak while nibbling on my ear.

Just give me this; just show me how much you love me babe. No-one needs to know what we do.

A little slap—a love tap, really. I made you so hot. Your words like a drug, I was the junkie you loved to watch slip into a strung out coma.

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