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Love. A Drug.

by | Mar 31, 2016 | Quotes | 0 comments


I’m a hedonist who craves abandon
A sinner who seeks heaven
A lover who must be shattered
A woman who shakes convention
I nurture a heart that is forever in love

I’m an addict of the agony that my heart is wrung out with
I’m a seeker of delirium, the opium of love’s torture
My lungs hug the intimacy of forbidden sensuality
I nurture a heart that is forever in love

Don’t chide me, my darling, because I seek a hit daily
Just allow me the space to fall with each step
My heart will never be celibate
She is a hunter of devotion
I fall with each breath to the beauty of life

excerpt: why I’ll never have a celibate heart @elephant journal


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