“Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody.” ~ Mark Twain

I’m kind of obsessed with the dark moon.

Of all the moon’s phases, I look forward to ritual with this one the most.

If you’re not familiar with the dark moon, here are a few quick facts:

The dark moon is celebrated by witches and other lovers of Luna when the moon is invisible in the night sky (dark), before the first silver crescent comes to light.

Modern-day astrology and astronomy call this a new moon because a new cycle is beginning, but there is this dark period of grace which we can tap into.

Witches distinguish between the new and dark moon because the energies present and the magic practiced are distinctly divergent. For instance, one would strictly only practice banishment spell work or divination during a dark moon. Work with ancestors, medium-ship, and contacting the underworld also fall under dark moon magic.

New moon spells include those for initiations, casting dream seeds, new growth, charging visions. Not the same thing at all, right?

The dark moon calls us to explore the shadows. For everything there is a season, as they say, and on the night of the dark moon, we go inward—we invite stillness and introspection. We, like the rest of nature, are cyclical beings. During the dark moon, our energy reflects that of this cosmic body—we are, in tandem, at the lowest point energetically, and that low energy can be an incredibly restorative period.

Why rush through the dark moon to new? Why not mirror the universe in its wisdom and allow for a sacred pause?

Each month, on this night, sit in silence, breathe quietly, and honor the space between waning and waxing—this is the purpose of dark moon energy. We cannot, or should not, be rushing from pillar to post without allowing ourselves a mindful moment in time.

If ever there was a night to call upon Lilith, goddess of shadow work, inner instincts, intuition, and sovereignty, this is it! Lilith is a perfect companion to the dark moon even though she ignites our inner rebel. She is a soul alchemist, a lover of independence, of freedom, conscience, and karma.

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Image: Rikki Austin/Unsplash


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